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20th Century Canadian History

Essay Proud to be Canadian.
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Another Significant Canadian
Canadian Identity
Essay Proud to be Canadian.
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Timeline for the 20th Century

I am proud to be Canadian because Canada has so much to offer. It has all four seasons, and looks different all over the place, overall its pretty clean too. No other countries really hate Canada, that’s why they sell Canadian packages to Americans, so that no one will question them on political things, or get mad at them. The majority of people here are nice, and we have some of the best snowboarding terrain in the world! We don’t have George Bush as our president. Lots of Canadians are very humble, and kind, and take pride in where they live. Canada has a great sense of national identity. We have so much fresh water, and people envy us for that.


          Canada is a very diverse country yet everyone that lives here is very unified. We realize that even though Canadians may be of different backgrounds and races we are all Canadian, and that brings us together. Canada has proven itself a country of its own even though we have a big neighbor, we have become as prosperous as them, and proven our army worthy. In the battle of Vimy ridge we proved that Canada’s army was able to fight just as well or better then the other army’s.  We have proven that Canada is able to sustain itself, and have learnt from the past mistakes of older countries.


          Canada has so much clean green space that it seems as though we may never run out. We have many Provincial and National parks to help preserve all of the natural land Canada has. We haven’t been completely urbanized so we are a very clean country, with many freshwater lakes and Oceans on both borders. We have a very prosperous economy, with fishing, wheat, meat ect. Canada has a very diverse amount of animals, and plants. Such as the caribou and moose, as well as deer and geese.


     Many people who have helped the world in many ways has come from Canada, such as Fredrick Banting, Alexander Graham Bell, David Suzuki, and of course Terry Fox, who gave people around the world hope for a cure for cancer. These people and many more have worked to make Canada what it is, and give Canada the great reputation it has around the world.  We have never had a big war on home soil, and are known for being a peace keeping country.  Many seek refuge in Canada, and we have many immigrants every year, because Canada is a desirable place to live.


    Even though we have many stereotypes, such as being a lumberjack, or fur trader, none of which are true there is no where else I would rather live because in Canada there is a sense of security, a sense of unity, and everyone here has a distinct sense of national identity. We have clean air and land, and we are a free country, where we can speak our minds without fear. This is why I am Proud To Be Canadian.