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20th Century Canadian History

Timeline for the 20th Century

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Canadian Identity
Essay Proud to be Canadian.
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Timeline for the 20th Century

-1900 Max Plank formulates quantem theory.
-1901 First Nobel prize awarded. Queen Victoria dies.
           President McKinly Assasinated.
-1902 Boer war Ends. U.S passes China Exclusion Act
-1904  Russo-Jap war begins.
-1905 "Bloody Sunday"-Russian Revolution. Einstein
            proposes his theory of relativity.
-1906  Finland first european country to give women
            the right to vote.
-1907 The rules of war establshed.
-1910  Boy scouts established in U.S.
-1911 The chinease revolution. Rutherford discovers
            the structure of the atom. Mona lisa stolen.
-1912  Parachutes invented. SOS accepted as
             universal distress signal. Titanic sinks.
-1913  Ford creates assembly line. Personal income
            tax introduced in U.S
-1914 Archduke Ferdinand Assasinated. WWI begins.
-1915 Second battle of ypres. Germans use poison
-1919  Treaty of Versailles ens WWI
-1920  League of nations established. Women granted the
            right to vote.
-1924  Leopold and Loeb murder a neighbour out of boredum.
-1928  Penicillen discovered.
-1929  New York stock market crashes.
-1932  Scientist splits atom.
-1936  Spanish civil war begins
-1937  Japan invades China.
-1938  The night of broken glass,
-1939  WWII Begins
-1941 Pearl Harbour attack
-1944  D-Day, Hitler escapes assasination attempt.
-1945  Germans surrender. Hitler commits suicide. US drops
            Atomic bomb
-1947  Dead sea scrolls found
-1951  Truman signs peace treaty with Japan, ending WWII
-1953  DNA discovered.
-1955  Rosa Parks refuses to give up seat on a bus.
-1961  Berlin wall built
-1963  JFK assasinated
-1964  Civil rights passed
-1970  American soldiers accused of murdering entire town of
            vietnamese civilians. Beatles break up. Protesters shot.
-1973  Abortion legalized in U.S. Vice president resigns. U.S
            pulls out of Vietnam.
-1978  First test tube baby born. John Paul II becomes pope.
-1981  Assasination attempt on the pope, new plaugue
             identified as AIDS
-1985   Famine in Etheopia. Hole in ozone layer discovered.
-1989  Berlin wall falls. Im born.
-1992  Official end of cold war. Riots on L.A
-1995  Gas attacks in Tokyo subway.
-1997  Princess Diana dies in car crash. Scientists clone
-1999  Fear of Y2K bug. Killing spree at Columbine